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Limited Edition Map of Australia

Australia, the great "Land Down Under". Birthplace and home to Pangea Maps. The majority of Australia's 26 million inhabitants live in coastal communities, proving that it's an ocean-loving nation. 

The map depicts detailed bathymetric data (topography of the water). Made from 8 layers of 1.5mm plywood, each layer  represents 700m of water depth. Each map will be unique due to the individual grain of the wood. They are all handmade with great care and attention to detail.

With your help, we’re aiming to raise $27,500 for WWF Australia’s Bushfire Emergency appeal. The WWF is partnering with wildlife response organisations, communities and scientists. Their aim is to deliver a swift and effective recovery, the restoring of native forests/wildlife habitats, and future-proofing Australia by driving innovative solutions to help mitigate climate change.


The limited-edition framed Australia map, handmade from sustainably sourced birch wood, will start at $490 today. The money raised will go directly to WWF Australia’s Bushfire Emergency appeal.
Limited edition of 50 maps in each size
430mm x 430mm      $490 ($100 goes to WWF)
600mm x 600mm      $690 ($150 goes to WWF)
830mm x 830mm    $1290 ($300 goes to WWF)



Medium (pictured): 430mm x 430mm x 35mm / 4kg (approx.)

Large: 600mm x 600mm x 35mm / 6kg (approx.)

Mega: 830mm x 830mm x 35mm / 10kg (approx.)


Sustainable birch plywood and white acrylic.


White frame with high-quality glass (shatter-proof) for protection.


Buying as a gift? Online orders will receive a wooden box with a sliding lid (only for medium & large sized maps).