Boston, MA


Massachusetts, known as the Bay State, has some of the most distinctive coastlines in the world. Boston Harbour is scattered with several islands, some of which provide shelter from the open Atlantic Ocean. Further south of Boston, Cape Cod meets the Atlantic Ocean and curls around to form another large bay which is protected. Locals of the Bay State enjoy the beaches, boating, fishing and much more - all on offer in this beautiful part of the world.

The map depicts detailed bathymetric data (topography of the water). Made from 12 layers of 1.5mm plywood, each layer represents 8m of water depth. Each map will be unique due to the individual grain of the wood. They are all handmade with great care and attention to detail.


Medium (pictured): 480mm x 480mm x 35mm / 4kg (approx.)

Large: 600mm x 600mm x 35mm / 6kg (approx.)

Mega: 830mm x 830mm x 35mm / 10kg (approx.)


Sustainable birch plywood and white acrylic.


White wooden frame with high-quality plexiglass (shatter-proof) for protection.


Buying as a gift? Online orders will receive a wooden box with sliding lid (only for medium & large sized maps).

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